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2012 Tech10 Videos

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VIDEO – 2012 Tech10 Award Celebration Opening Montage

Denise Arruda - 2012 Tech Collective Tech10 AwardsDenise Arruda -
Lead Business Analyst, FM Global
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO – Denise Arruda

Denise Arruda possesses an impressive level of passion, commitment, energy, and community involvement. Her involvement spreads openly from inspiring our next generation of engineers through various mentorship programs to engaging in professional women’s groups.  After graduating from the University of Massachusetts North Dartmouth, she began her professional career as a graphics programmer. Her interest in project manager grew and she is currently the project manager/business analyst for a production extranet application at FM Global.  She is responsible for collecting and documenting the requirement and working with the application development team to design, develop, and release application enhancements. Denise is currently an adjunct professor at Salve Regina University for the department of Business Studies and Economics.

Quote: “My passion is encouraging our next generation of engineers.  Through STEM education and exciting hands-on engineering programs, we can develop a generation of innovative engineers that understand technology, communication, teamwork, and professionalism.”

Stephanie Castilla - 2012 Tech Collective Tech10 AwardsStephanie Castilla -
Technology Integration Specialist, Highlander Institute
COO, Metryx
Award Category: Entrepreneur
Outstanding Recognition for Overall Achievement

VIDEO – Stephanie Castilla

Stephanie Castilla co-founded Metryx in 2011. As the Technology Integration Specialist at the Highlander Institute, Stephanie works with educators on a daily basis to discover models for implementing new technologies that support teaching and learning. As the COO of Metryx, she heads research and development efforts on the Metryx Mobile Tracker, a tool designed to support teachers in the classroom as they work to assess student comprehension.  Stephanie’s entrepreneurial work at Metryx has provided her with a creative outlet through which to solve problems and innovate. Her work at the Highlander Institute has allowed her to connect with a community of educators and provide valuable professional development opportunities to teachers throughout New England. She is eager to see a new generation of technological teaching tools arise and transform the way instruction is carried out in schools across the country.

Quote: “I realized early on that technology has the potential to serve as an immensely powerful avenue for learning and discovery.”

2012 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards - Josh CliffJoshua Cliff -
Director, Applications and Information Solutions, Atrion Networking Corporation
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO – Josh Cliff

Joshua Cliff loves helping people and honestly wants to change the world – and he gets to – one company at a time. Working closely with those around him, he empowers people to create transformational change through leveraging various application and information solutions. From his beginnings as a technology educator to his current position as the Director of Applications and Information Solutions at Atrion, Joshua has been a constant driver of awareness in the IT community through educating others around how information technology and digital media could be used to make a positive impact on everyday life. Joshua is the Founder of the emerging Rhode Island SharePoint User Group and holds several certifications including PMP, CTT+, MCT and MCITP.

Quote: “There is a reward in the work we do in the applications and information space, because everything we do touches end users. We are enabling and empowering people to do something they  couldn’t easily do before, which not only positively impacts their professional lives, but their personal lives as well.”

2012 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards - Dave EspositoDavid Esposito
AVP, Principal Enterprise Architect, FM Global
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO – Dave Esposito

To describe Dave Esposito in one word would be easy: Accomplished. He has an array of unique and varied experiences over the years designing and developing software and information systems on multiple platforms. His role at FM Global requires him to maintain both a deep understanding of technology already in use as well as staying current on new and potentially better ways of achieving business goals. He is an active member of several architecture groups as well as alumni and technology specific organizations including IEEE, Boston Cloud Computing Group, SharePoint User Group, PMI Southern New England, The Community of New England Entrepreneurs, and Ignite Spatial Boston. 
Quote: “Information Technology is a paradigm where we need to challenge notions such as ‘but that’s the way we’ve always done it’ and turn them into opportunities to say ‘Hey, look at what we just did!’”

2012 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards - John FlorezJohn Florez
President and CEO, Drupal Connect
Award Category: Entrepreneur

VIDEO – John Florez

John Florez is an American entrepreneur who has created numerous profitable ventures. He began his career on Wall Street after graduating from Binghamton University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. In 2003, John founded The Florez Group, a successful nationwide technical recruiting company. He also founded the Web’s first video-only classified site, iMoondo, which was featured in the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, and the BBC. In 2009, at the peak of one of the nation’s worst economic recessions, John founded Drupal Connect, a full-service Drupal development company. Today, Drupal Connect is one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. and one of the largest in the Drupal space.

Quote: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” - Charles Darwin

2012 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards - Tim GaulinTim Gaulin
Online Content Director, Clear Channel Providence
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO – Tim Gaulin

For the last 11 years, Tim Gaulin has been the in-house webmaster, responsible for the creation, development, maintenance, and content generation for four radio station websites:,,, and He is a department of one and does the work of many. Tim loves what he does and enjoys finding new ways to use new media technology to help his organization grow and become not just a traditional radio station but an evolving and competing media company, not just a group of traditional radio stations. On the side, Tim is the webmaster for West Warwick Elks Lodge 1697 and was recently named State Website Director for the RI State Elks Association. He also does website marketing and consulting for small businesses and local non-profits.

Quote: “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”  - Albert Einstein

2012 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards - Kevin LongoKevin Longo
Network Systems Administrator, OSHEAN
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO – Kevin Longo

Kevin’s interest in technology was sparked at a young age when he undertook the task of repairing a VCR.  Kevin was intrigued by the way the internal components interoperated and has been hooked on technology since. While technical expertise is essential, his ability to look beyond technology in and of itself is a critical component of Kevin’s success. Kevin understands the importance of first identifying a need or opportunity for technology and then implementing a stable and scalable solution that will serve as a conduit to assist the organization in accomplishing its mission. Kevin is involved with numerous technology related initiatives.  His proudest accomplishments include making a positive difference in education for Rhode Island students.

Quote: “All challenges have solutions.  We just have to be willing to invest the time to identify them.”

2012 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards - Kathleen MalinKathleen Malin
VP Technology & Operations, The Rhode Island Foundation
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO – Kathleen Malin

Kathleen Malin has a passion for the challenges of technology. Her career includes working as a network administrator and tech director. She currently manages technology & operations at The Rhode Island Foundation. Kathleen also taught IT in the evenings for over ten years. Challenged by her students, she received over a dozen IT certifications in four months.  She founded the 501 Tech Club Rhode Island to create a support network for IT and communications professionals in RI. Kathleen presents frequently on social media, and is on the technology committees of Gateway Healthcare and Rhode Island Public Radio.

Quote: “I love technology and I want everyone to feel the way I do. The secret to my IT success is that I am patient, careful and always read the directions! The Rhode Island Foundation has given me a platform to follow my passion helping nonprofits utilize technology to advance their vital missions.”

2012 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards - Glenn MorinGlenn Morin
AVP, Retail Management, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO – Glenn Morin

Glenn Morin is a visionary and “Internet Strategist.” He is consistently immersed in decision making about using technology to improve and enhance customer experiences and relishes his ability to vacillate between the Information Technology department and the Marketing department. Glenn runs three business lines that are aligned in a manner that enable him to enhance the customer experience via tapping the best of technology. He leads the line management of Retail Channel Distribution, Market Analytics and Customer Experience.

Quote: “Technology provides a way to deliver on the customer expectation. It’s a tool; an interesting way to solve a problem. It doesn’t win the battle single-handedly though. You never want to develop technology simply for the sake of having cool technology. Regardless of the business you work in, you always want to aim for the perfect blend between how you’re going to deliver a quality customer experience and how you can leverage technology to achieve this.”

2012 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards - Carl WootenCarl Wooten
President & CEO, Vertical Performance Partners
Award Category: Entrepreneur

VIDEO – Carl Wooten

As a self-proclaimed “Chief Story teller”  technology that could measure the performance levels of all individuals was the particular technology that got Carl excited about technology. A few of his greatest achievement include designing, developing and deploying a disruptive mobile software technology that is really making a difference for organizations  and people who want to simply produce better performance or do their jobs better and evolving the technology to point folks can deploy SaaS modeled software that their clients use on demand to integrate content, deploy super apps and collect important performance intelligence. Being a fairly new company, Carl will continue to engage in the local IT environment.

Quote: “Since the introduction of the iPad by Apple, the speed at which mobile technology initiatives have emerged is staggering, accelerating the need for organizations to integrate content, deploy mobile applications and collect intelligence. Vertical provides a software solution that addresses these needs, resulting in companies accelerating their employee’s performance and truly making mobile matter.”

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