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2011 Tech10 Videos

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VIDEO:  2011 Tech10 Award Celebration Opening Montage

Andres DouglasAndres Douglas –
Founder, Bakodo
Award Category: Entrepreneur
Outstanding Recognition in Tech Citizenship

VIDEO: Andres Douglas – 2011  Tech10

Through his Bakodo smartphone application, Andres Douglas is reinventing the usage of barcodes and changing the way we shop and interact with the brands we buy. Initially discouraged by others in his endeavors due to high competition, Andres took on the challenge and has taken his vision of Bakodo from skepticism to endorsement, including success in the AppStore’s top 20.

Andres is actively involved in the Providence technology/entrepreneurial community, attending events, advising and speaking to fellow innovators, and participating in organizations working to foster Rhode Island’s entrepreneurial prosperity.

Quote: “[Bakodo] will change the way brands communicate with people: it will allow them to be more respectful and less invasive, and communicate with consumers when they’re interested in their product.”

Grant FritcheyGrant Fritchey
Principal Development Database Administrator, FM Global
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO: Grant Fritchey – 2011 Tech10

Grant Fritchey is a go-to IT guy. A self-proclaimed geek, and like several other Tech10 award recipients, Grant grew up on the then-cutting-edge TRS-80 from RadioShack. Continuing to chase the latest and greatest technologies, Grant is now in the SQL Server and Data Center space, where he is a growing expert both inside and outside of the office.

Grant has authored two technical books, co-authored two others and is the technical editor of one more. He is additionally a regular article, blog and twitter contributor, participant and board member of several technology associations, and sought-after presenter for regional and international conferences and online seminars.

Quote: “Information, information management, and information technology is completely irreplaceable within a modern global organization.”

Heather HartmanHeather Hartman
Director, IS Technical Services, Care New England Health System
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO: Heather Hartman – 2011 Tech10

There is no bar that Heather Hartman does not have the ambition or talent to leap over. Heather is a firm believer in and practitioner of IT as an integral aspect of the healthcare industry, equipping care providers with the tools and resources to administer quicker and more informed treatment.

No secret to her colleagues or others, Heather has earned several commendations, including as a 2010 CIO “One’s to Watch” honoree. She participates within organizations for healthcare, IT, and the advancement of women, and she is also a mentor for women. And she is not done yet, she sees herself continuing to take on new roles and responsibilities, including one day even the CIO seat.

Quote: “Most importantly, my role is to be a process leader and role model to not only my staff, but to the system as a whole and help lead transformations through the integration of IT and human interactions.

Sean RansomSean Ransom
Vice President of Technology, BatchBlue Software
Award Category: IT Practitioner
Outstanding Recognition for Overall Achievement

VIDEO: Sean Ransom – 2011 Tech10

Sean Ransom has a passion for applying technology to solve real-world problems. He discovered it in the unlikely field of prostate cancer research, and has since transitioned that passion into the IT industry, shaped by a pioneering career with and as co-founder, designer, and creator of Small Business Web. Most recently, Sean and BatchBlue have garnered critical acclaim, including from PC Magazine, and have grown in just four years to compete with established CRM products such as Salesforce, ACT!, and Goldmine.

Sean additionally works within the RI IT/Digital Media community to foster the collaboration and growth of BatchBlue as well as the industry as a whole.

Quote: “Technology influences every decision we make from what we’re building for our customers to what products we use to run our business on a day-to-day basis.”

Hamzah AnsariHamzah Ansari – Founder, Accelereach
Award Category: Entrepreneur
Outstanding Recognition for Entrepreneurship

VIDEO: Hamzah Ansari – 2011 Tech10

The critically rising costs of medical treatment peaked Hamzah Ansari’s entrepreneur bone to create Accelereach. The Accelereach web application enables health and wellness coaches to manage, engage, and motivate their clients through cell phone text messaging. “By using mobile texting as an engagement tool, a [wellness] coach’s influence can be extended to the period that counts the most,” says Hamzah.

With a love of learning and continuous improvements, Hamzah has also taken his experiences has a success start-up entrepreneur and invested them back into the community has a mentor. Hamzah cannot resist the entrepreneurial excitement, and is already envisioning himself as a serial entrepreneur, ideally within the healthcare IT space.

Quote: “What really fascinated me was how I could take basic, unassuming plastic blocks and build something that was far greater than the sum of its constituent parts.” – Hamzah discussing an analogy between his young love of Lego Technic and his adult love of entrepreneurship.

Jason AlbuquerqueJason Albuquerque
Director of IT, Town of North Kingstown
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO: Jason Albuquerque – 2011 Tech10

Jason Albuquerque has met the challenge of government efficiency and transparency via a strategic and innovative approach to technology. Within the government sector, Jason has used IT to lower costs, promote higher transparency, collaborate with neighboring municipalities, and encourage constituent engagement. Cost savings of $376k of North Kingstown taxpayers’ money and over five national awards for North Kingstown IT initiatives in three years are just an overview of Jason’s service.

A former US Marine, Jason remains active in the USMC IT Professionals Group as well as several other trade organizations and youth initiatives, through which he shares his vision and expertise in the future of technology.

Quote: “Now is the time to look at how we are deploying technology and rethink what we can do in terms of finding the pioneering path to a lower cost of government operations. All of this must be done while looking at how we can, at a basic level, change the way government interacts with its constituents.”

Christian SmithChristian Smith
Lead Server Specialist, FM Global
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO: Christian Smith – 2011 Tech10

A proven IT professional, Christian Smith is an up-and-coming IT leader who understands and works to enable people as much as technology. Christian practices technology as a vehicle for companies to effectively communicate, market, and sell their products and services, while contributing to collaboration, trust, and a team and mentorship-based work culture.

Christian plans to continue to bring integrity and technical imagination to his future career endeavors, taking on additional responsibilities and leadership roles as well as continuing to expand his role within the technology community.

Quote: “I challenge myself every day to try to be innovative and forward thinking in my current role. I feel a sense of responsibility for the continued success of FM Global as a company, and take pride in the fact that my job as a technical lead allows me to directly contribute to this success.”

Cheryl LawrenceCheryl Lawrence
Director of IT, Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO: Cheryl_Lawrence – 2011 Tech10

Throughout her 30 year career, Cheryl Lawrence has worn many commendable IT hats, including as an owner of a small technology consulting business with her husband.  Currently, Cheryl is at the forefront of the Electronic Medical Records transition. She is forward-thinking in her belief and practice of IT as a fully integrated and critical component of the business, and she works to make her non-technical colleagues more comfortable with the technologies that enable them as well.

Cheryl is also an advocate of youth education, working with Year Up, providing mentorship, and looking ahead in the next five years to possibly utilize her experience and expertise as a teacher.

Quote: “I believe that an individual in the IT business needs to know how to bring IT strategies to the table and integrate them into the business of the company as well as be able to lead ‘geeks’.”

Dave OakmanDave Oakman
Practice Leader, Data Center, Atrion Networking Corporation
Award Category:  IT Practitioner

VIDEO: Dave Oakman – 2011 Tech10

Dave Oakman might be considered one of those inherently “techie” guys. He’s earned the coveted CCIE and CCSI Cisco certifications among others and has pioneered two emerging technology practices: IPT and now Data Center. But, what makes Dave really stand out is his passion for helping others – from his beginning high school days where he offered technological insight to his peers and even his programming class teacher, who was also the physical education director. Dave has carried that passion to become a mentor throughout both his professional career – training colleagues and clients alike – as well as personal life, where he mentors his son’s robotics team and aspires to begin a knowledge-sharing blog.

Quote: “I think my greatest accomplishment is still in front of me. [Possibly the] application of technology to empower businesses and users to do things that I cannot even begin to imagine. Or it could be becoming a teacher and passing my knowledge and experience on to the next generation.”

Mike CalabroMichael Calabro
Assistant Director, Network Operations and Services, Rhode Island Network for Educational Technology (RINET)
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO: Michael Calabro – 2011 Tech10

Michael Calabro’s IT career success stems from his passion for the meshing of the philosophical with the logical and technical. Michael’s focus on networking and LAN and WAN technologies led him to RINET, where he oversees network operations and leads RINET’s design and implementation team. Most recently, Michael led the statewide k12 and library network’s move to virtual cloud management, providing more efficient bandwidth and reducing expenses.

Michael additionally facilitates technical seminars and participates in education and technology committees. He envisions continuing to develop and deliver increased technical services for the RI educational community.

Quote: “Seeking professional growth, I applied for a position to work installing and maintaining the campus LAN equipment. There was so much opportunity to learn and grow. The philosopher in me became fascinated in the logical structure of it all.” – Michael Calabro shares his early discovery of and passion for IT.

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