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The 2016 Tech10 Awards are taking place on Thursday, November 10th from 5:30 – 7:30 at the Providence Downtown Marriot!

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Read full press release: 2016 RI Tech10 Award Winners Announced

The 2016 Tech10 Awards program will be presented in partnership with Rhode Island Monthly and recognize Rhode Island’s most accomplished and innovative individuals and organizations.

We are excited to announce the expansion of the Tech10 Awards program! In addition to recognizing Rhode Island’s best and brightest entrepreneurs and techies, the 2016 Tech10 Awards will also showcase the amazing individuals and organizations driving innovation, education, and growth across the state’s technology ecosystem at large. If you are contributing to the success of Rhode Island right now, the Tech10 Awards are for you!

Apply or Nominate by August 15th!

Tech10 Categories:

1 Entrepreneurship / Startups -
2. Techies to Watch -
3. CIO’s / CTO’s –
4. Corporate Giving
5. Community Partner
6. Youth Engagement
7. Tech Education -
8. Workforce Champion -
9. Women in Tech -
10. Company Innovation
Application Note: Applicants may apply in multiple categories; and there may be multiple winners per category.

Tech Collective’s Tech10 Awards recognize the individuals and companies driving innovation, education, and growth across Rhode Island’s technology ecosystem. These are the innovators; the geeks; the community and workforce partners; the ones inspiring the next tech generation; and the ones with the vision and leadership to bring leading technologies into common place use.

Established in 2011, Tech10 is the opportunity for Rhode Island’s business and technology community to nominate its exceptional champions: employees, colleagues, clients, and partners. All are fostering Rhode Island’s technology innovation, passion, and success. Tell us how.

Honorees will be featured in the November issue of Rhode Island Monthly magazine and be recognized at an awards celebration on Thursday, November 10th. Technology is not about hardware, apps, or those tricky green lights. Technology is about connecting people, empowering business, and creating change in a global world. Don’t miss this opportunity to recognize the Tech10 that make tech truly happen.

The 2016 Tech10 Awards are presented in partnership with Rhode Island Monthly. As Rhode Island’s tech industry continues to grow economically and culturally, Rhode Island Monthly is shining the spotlight on our Tech10 recipients for all Rhode Islanders to see.

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