Congratulations to the 2013 Tech10 Award Recipients!

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2013 Tech10 Videos

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VIDEO – 2013 Tech10 Award Celebration Opening Montage

Congratulations to the Tech Collective 2013 Tech10 Award Winners
(L-R) Back: Tom Flanagan, Jamie Boughman, Gil Lantini, David Toms, Bright Fulton
Front: Kevin McCarron, Adam Harvey, Steve DeRosa, Sean Trifero, Gary Christensen

2013 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards Winner: Jamie Boughman, Atrion Networking CorpJamie Boughman -
Apprentice Program Manager
Atrion Networking Corporation
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO – Jamie Boughman

Jamie truly has a passion for people and technology. Even in high school and college he was setting up networks and already figuring out new ways to use technology to connect people. This was just the beginning. Moving forward into his career, Jamie’s experiences and passion have lead his growth from an entry-level engineer to a Certified Cisco Instructor inspiring the next wave of IT practitioners. As much an educator as a technician, Jamie today leads Atrion’s Apprenticeship Program – no small feat as it is the first registered IT apprenticeship program in the State of Rhode Island, and it was nationally recognized by the U.S. Office of Apprenticeship as one of its “Trailblazers and Innovators.”

From Jamie: “One of the most remarkable parts of my career is seeing how the Apprentice Program has changed the lives of those who have participated in it… Seeing the growth of individuals who thank me for “just giving them the chance they needed” is one of the accomplishments I am most proud of.”

2013 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards Winner: Gary Christensen, Rhode Island Quality Institute RIQIGary Christensen -
Rhode Island Quality Institute
Award Category: Entrepreneur
Outstanding Recognition for Entrepreneurship

VIDEO – Gary Christensen

Gary is a leader. Inspiring, engaging, determined, a people-person, a creative problem-solver, and an achiever of what seems to be impossible – Gary has demonstrated all of these characteristics throughout an accomplished career. Serving as divisional CIO at some of the world’s largest banking firms, Gary has led teams as large as 800 people. When September 11th occurred, Gary led his team to enact the bank’s Disaster Recovery plan – evacuating their downtown NYC office, driving to Tennessee, sleeping on the floor of the DR facility, and overcoming insurmountable odds.

In his transition into the non-profit healthcare IT sector, Gary has quickly emerged as a local and national leader. The success of RIQI’s Currentcare – the statewide electronic health information exchange network – is a paramount example, serving more than 300,000 Rhode Islander’s from more than 55 healthcare organizations.

From Gary: “Although implementing technology is always a challenge, the hardest part of achieving a goal or vision is leading the people through [change]. Bringing the right people, expertise, discipline, process, and vision together in order to achieve shared goals through IT is what I find most satisfying and fun.”

2013 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards Winner: Stephen DeRosa, Family Service of Rhode IslandStephen DeRosa -
Director of Information Technology
Family Service of Rhode Island
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO – Stephen DeRosa

Steve is a trained behavioral health clinician turned IT professional. It was in his initial career that he saw a need for the efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility IT could offer the healthcare realm. As Steve pursued these solutions, he not only advocated for, but created, electronic health record systems before there was a term for it. Steve and a programmer created the first behavioral healthcare standards database in Rhode Island and garnered national acclaim for it.

Working in IT for non-profits, Steve is continually pushing the envelope, pairing services with the right technologies because it’s what they require, not because they are the latest trend. “To me, that’s what technology is about – not stuff, but solutions,” he says.

From Steve: “In many ways, IT as a career has involved being the clinician for an organization… Organizations, like people, respond to assessment and treatment planning and care activities, adjusted as they must be for technology. Technology is not just stuff and features jammed into service for vague reasons. No one would settle for that approach in their own care, and organizations can’t afford to do that either. Assessing, strategizing, seeking balance, sustainability and outcomes… things that good clinicians in any profession do, those are the things that brought me by an unusual path, to my career in Technology.”

2013 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards Winner: Tom Flanagan, Residential PropertiesTom Flanagan
Vice President of Marketing & Technology
Residential Properties, Ltd.
Award Category: IT Practitioner
Outstanding Recognition for Overall Achievement

VIDEO – Tom Flanagan

In a short time, Tom has already achieved accomplishments some people never do. Tom writes a nationally syndicated technology column for Inman News, was asked to present at the Google IT Summit in 2011, has interviewed Wall Street Journal tech journalist Walt Mossberg, and was selected as one of Inman News’ “100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders: 2013.”

Bringing his expertise to Residential Properties, Tom understands how technology has changed the real estate landscape for realtors as well as home seekers. Cloud-based services, mobile technologies, and social media platforms are solutions Tom has championed to better meet the needs of both parties. Tom is also actively involved in the Rhode Island technology community, including serving as a mentor at Betaspring and YearUp.

From Tom: “For me, technology is more of a lifestyle as opposed to a job or career.”

2013 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards Winner: Bright Fulton, SwipelyBright Fulton
Engineering Operations Lead
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO - Bright Fulton

Bright is an innovator. Whether it’s contributing to a startup or working to make a service faster or product more scalable, Bright has shown his ability to incorporate technical skillset with business need. One of Bright’s greatest accomplishments with the Swipely team was being able to refine a code approach first pioneered by Netflix. The new deployment method is more technically sound without decreasing speed and flexibility.

In the local technology community, Bright started the local Prov Ops meetup this year. This group, along with coordinating Swipely’s hosting of the OWASP Rhode Island meetup, has allowed Bright to bring together like-minded professionals, share best practices, and bright visibility to some of the state’s DevOps talent.

From Bright: “It’s rewarding to improve and innovate, and even more so when the technology investment helps small businesses win.”

2013 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards Winner: Adam Harvey, GLAD WORKSAdam Harvey
Technology Director. Principal.
Award Category: Entrepreneur

VIDEO – Adam Harvey

If there’s a new technology coming out, you can bet Adam is in line to get it (if he didn’t already receive and review it while it was on Kickstarter). Throughout his career, Adam has always been on the bleeding edge of technology – from being involved in developing the first ISP in Ohio to being among the first developers to have apps in the iTunes store (he has now headed up the design and development of 400+ iPhone apps). Today, Adam continues to be at the forefront of tech trends and products, writing and reviewing products for the Rhode Island Small Business Journal and iPhone Life Magazine.

In his role at GLAD WORKS, Adam shares his knowledge and expertise with clients to innovate in areas including collaboration tools, mobile, websites, SEO, and social media. A big proponent of “paying it forward,” Adam mentors GLAD WORKS’ interns and takes on projects to benefit the Rhode Island community.

From Adam: “I am responsible for keeping GLAD WORKS at the forefront of the e-Industrial Revolution…[and in doing so] it’s my belief that an empowered client is a happy one, and that translates into strong and lasting relationships.”

2013 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards Winner: Gil Lantini, Rhode Island Small Business Journal RISBJGil Lantini
Rhode Island Small Business Journal (RISBJ)
Award Category: Entrepreneur

VIDEO – Gil Lantini

Gil truly understands the nuances of connecting people through technology. From developing reporting systems to starting his own web development company to most recently founding the instantly popular Rhode Island Small Business Journal in 2011, Gil’s work has centered around enabling human interaction and fostering relationships. Building credibility and authenticity is inherently linked to this connection in many ways through the digital and branding strategies behind technology and business. Gil is an expert at this, incorporating it not only into his own work and success, but also eagerly willing to share his approach with others as a mentor, educator, and public speaker. Organizations Gil is involved with include the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Center for Women and Enterprise, SCORE, and the Hatch Entrepreneurial Center.

From Gil: “To me, one of the greatest things about being an entrepreneur is that there is no manual or guide to success. Entrepreneurs figure things out as they go.”

2013 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards Winner: Kevin McCarron, Atrion Networking CorpKevin McCarron
Innovation Director, Business Innovation Office
Atrion Networking Corporation
Award Category: IT Practitioner
Outstanding Recognition for Tech Citizenship

VIDEO – Kevin McCarron

IT professionals who are most successful have an in-depth understanding of both technology as well as business. They are able to translate technology to truly enable, empower, and benefit the business. Kevin is one of those IT professionals. Always a techie at heart, he shied away from the field because, initially, it was too isolating. As the industry matured, became integrated across industries, and became more people-centric, Kevin was able to apply his business and political science education to a technology career.

Kevin entered the IT industry with no degree but plenty of passion. With this and much hard work and continuing education (currently, Kevin is studying to take the GMAT test for entry into Business School), Kevin has advanced his career through several different roles. Kevin imparts his expertise and knowledge onto the engineers he mentors at Atrion, most notably in the Collaboration/Unified Communications practice area.

From Kevin: “My main achievement in the area of mentoring is the enablement of Atrion’s Collaboration Technology team… I have personally mentored approximately 25 engineers… these individuals [have] become excellent Collaboration technologists and, just as importantly, excellent representatives of Atrion for our clients.”

2013 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards Winner: David Toms, Rhode Island CollegeDavid Toms
Manager, User Support, Help Desk, and Audio Visual
Rhode Island College
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO – David Toms

Always ready to face a challenge, David is intrigued by the ever-changing roles and capabilities of technology. He is always looking for ways to innovate and improve the education technology delivered at RIC. Under David’s leadership, RIC’s in-house IT team designed and installed over 150 electronic classrooms throughout the college. This not only saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, but also allowed David and his team to know the technologies and classrooms first hand. As a result, if an issue arises, it is much easier to troubleshoot and resolve.

David additionally is a mentor to the students on the RIC Helpdesk team. Learning how to interact with customers and work within the processes of the industry are just as important as troubleshooting tech issues. Through their helpdesk experience, even students whose education has not been in IT have often gone on to pursue IT careers.

From David: “I am always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our department by utilizing tools and technology to improve the customer experience.”

2013 Tech Collective Tech10 Awards Winner: Sean Trifero, Envision Technology AdvisorsSean Trifero
Senior Systems Engineer / Director of Research & Development
Envision Technology Advisors
Award Category: IT Practitioner

VIDEO – Sean Trifero

Sean is a student and scientist of technology. He is an innovator, constantly asking questions, learning about and from technology, designing and testing new approaches, and architecting and implementing solutions that work to connect the hardware and virtual components of technology. Dedicated to his craft, Sean’s current goal for himself is to achieve 12 certifications in as many months. So far he is on track, with 9 completed in practice areas including datacenter, cloud, visualization, mobility, and networking.

Just as much as he is a technologist, Sean is also a consultant and educator. On a peer-to-peer level, Sean sees sharing knowledge and best practices as key components to organizational growth and excellence. With clients, education is critical in making the connection between technology solutions and meeting the business need.

From Sean: “Information Technology is the lifeblood of Envision, and it is a critical part to helping Rhode Island businesses become more successful and improve their efficiency and operations in this economy.”

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