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*The 2015 Tech10 Awards are SOLD OUT*

The 2015 Tech10 Awards program will be presented in partnership with Rhode Island Monthly and recognize Rhode Island’s most accomplished IT practitioners, digital media professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Tech Collective’s Tech10 Awards recognize Rhode Island’s most accomplished IT practitioners, digital media professionals, and entrepreneurs. These are the geeks and brainiacs; the ones who make the rest of us look like dolts and superstars all at the same time. They are the innovators bringing to reality a world even beyond our dreams. And sometimes, they are so busy, they don’t have time to stand in the spotlight. This is their time!

As we enter the program’s 5th year, we are proud to announce our partnership with Rhode Island Monthly. As Rhode Island’s tech industry continues to grow both economically and culturally, our Tech10 Awards partnership could not be a better fit, bringing added visibility to our Tech10 recipients and the Rhode Island tech industry.

Established in 2011, Tech10 is the opportunity for Rhode Island’s business and technology community to nominate its exceptional technology practitioners: employees, colleagues, clients, and partners; engineers, developers, designers, support specialists, and architects. And entrepreneurs – across all technology related services and products. All are serving innovation, passion and success. Tell us how.

Honorees (10 in total) will be recognized at an awards celebration on Thursday, November 19th, 2015. Three Tech10 recipients will additionally be honored with special recognitions announced at the awards celebration.

Technology is not about hardware, apps, or those tricky green lights. Technology is about connecting people, empowering business, and creating change in a global world. Don’t miss this opportunity to recognize the Tech10 that make technology – through practice and entrepreneurship – truly happen.

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